Jacqueline Vogtman

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“The Trees They Grow So High,” Permafrost 44.1, 2022
“BI6FOOT,” Third Coast 51, 2022 (Pushcart Nominee)
“Excerpts From the Story of Your Life,” Hunger Mountain 26, 2022
“A Love Letter From Very Far Away,” Nelle 5, 2022
“Once Bound For Earth,” Kestrel 45, 2021 (Pushcart Nominee)
“Wilder Family,” Sierra Nevada Review 32, 2021
“Jubilee Year,” Relief, 2021 (Editor’s Choice Award for Fiction)
“Girl Country,” Mud Season Review 45, 2019 (Pushcart Nominee)
“The Preservation of Objects Lost at Sea,” The Literary Review 2016; The Emerson Review 2012
“Children and Other Artifacts,” The Lifted Brow, 2016 (with artwork by the author)
“As She Waited,” Gargoyle Magazine, 2016
“The Great Flood,” Atticus Review, 2014
“Whose Voice We Wanted to Hear,” Smokelong Quarterly, 2013
“The Fire Underground,” Copper Nickel, 2012
“The Mermaid and the Pornographer,” Berkeley Fiction Review, 2011 (Pushcart Nominee)
“Father, Son, Ghost,” New Plains Review, 2011
“After the Flood,” Drunken Boat, 2011
“Letter From a Suicide to a Troll,” Versal, 2011
“Saint Emiliana of Clifton,” Santa Clara Review, 2012
“A Story I’ll Tell You When You’re Big,” Vestal Review 2010
“The Gift of Mourning Imagined Losses,” Necessary Fiction, 2010
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